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Benefits of Owning a Gun and Finding the Right Gun Shop

A survey shows that 60 percent of criminals will not mess with a person if they know they are armed. Some people may not know how effective gun ownership can be against deterring crime, but to most, it is a given. A weapon has always been a tool for self-defense, and it is a powerful one. This is one reason why we encourage you to visit our Portland gun store, Arm Yourself, in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Benefits of Owning a Gun

Everyone knows that the United States grants people the right to own guns, meaning that it is up to a person to decide whether or not to exercise that right. The question boils down to learning if there are any real benefits to owning a gun besides exercising a particular right. The following are just a few benefits for choosing to own a weapon:


Of course, one of the most obvious benefits is self-defense. A weapon, used by a properly trained person, can be vital in a situation involving a criminal threatening lives. For example, a woman who is being threatened by a man can use this weapon against her attacker. A business owner might also use this tool to protect him or herself from a robber.

Home Invasion

No one can deny the danger of becoming the target of a home invasion. These types of criminals are looking for valuables and usually do not care about the safety of the people in the house, which is the reason why a gun might be helpful.

Peace of Mind

Most people who want to buy a gun are not looking to harm someone. Most of these people are just decent Americans who want to protect themselves rather than harm others. Some come to our shop scared, and living in a constant state of fear can be detrimental to the emotional and physical state of a person. Peace of mind is another reason why guns are sought after by Americans.

Increased Responsibility

This might seem a little strange, but owning a gun gives people a sense of responsibility. Weapons can be dangerous if not handled correctly, and a good American will take precautions as soon as the weapon is purchased. In essence, the gun somehow helps transform Americans into responsible citizens.

Why Should You Visit Our Portland Gun Shop?

Finding the right Portland gun store is more than just finding the nearest store to your location. The real key to finding a good Portland gun shop is to find one that offers the right options and benefits. Our Hillsboro Gun Store, Arm Yourself, should be considered for several reasons. The following are just a few of them:

Variety of Choices

There are several types of guns available in our store, from assault weapons to regular guns. There are also a few tiny guns for those who want to keep the gun in inconspicuous locations.

Good Accessories

All good weapons become a little more useful when the owner has the right accessories. This could be a pair of quality binocolors or holsters. There are a number of effective cleaning solutions available as well. Keeping a gun in good condition may help reduce the amount of times it needs to be serviced, and it also helps prevent premature failure.

Additional Weapons

A gun may not be for everyone, and that is fine, but that does not mean that a person should not try to protect him or herself. There are a number of alternatives such as knives, which can also come in handy during an emergency.


There are a number of ways that a gun owner can become a more efficient gun owner. We know several gun ranges that can help improve skills, not to mention provide resources to self-defense classes. We know that guns level the playing field, but it is important to know how to defend oneself against a criminal without a gun should it be compromised at anytime.


Some gun shops only offer a few benefits, but we decided to take it a step further by offering courses for concealed weapon certification. We know that many people want to carry a gun around since crimes do not only occur at home. This means that a concealed weapon license is needed, and we offer these courses in our gun shop. The class is free, and we encourage everyone to participate.

These are just a couple of aspects that make our gun shop stand out amongst the rest. We hope that you consider our Arm Yourself gun shop for all your gun needs or to find out more about gun ownership because we are here to help arm Americans and inform them.